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If your goal is to automate the software install and you dont want to. To follow this introductory tutorial to wpkg, head over to the download page to get the latest version of wpkg, unzip the file and copy hosts. Environment variables used by wpkg windows packager. Alternatively, register and become a site sponsorsubscriber and ads will be disabled automatically.

Wpkg is a serverbased software package designed to allow the deployment of software and other packages to networked microsoft windows computers based on a set of rules, without end user intervention. However, i had a few problems with it in windows 7. The wpkgroot and software variables set the wpkgroot and software environment variables like the. System returns the full path of the users home directory.

Could you provide the filename or the installed software name please. Any websites that have that use the facebook connect sdk cause the user to automatically redirect to wpkg. These were solved by replacing the wpkg client with wpkg gp. System returns which local workstation drive letter is connected to the users home directory. As such, the program aims to make the administration of networked computers easier for the administrator, allowing security patches, new programs.

If the file is not found, the installation command is launched. The end of life date for windows xp is quickly approaching, and like many other lazytrailingedge sysadmins, we are just beginning to transition to something else. Jun 25, 2010 wpkg and wpkgexpress suse linux install guide pictures aplenty this guide is built for those looking for a linux wpkg host that can be updated via. The command output consists of repetitive blocks of software package title and its parameters, ie. There isnt a nice command line method of doing this unfortunately. Java 6 update 20 silent install with auto update off.

For example, if a variable is defined at the package and the profile level, the definition of the profile will be used. I than decided to try and use a different example and tried to test malwarebytes. Other options for msi are group policy mentioned above. Wpkg keeps installing software i set up using the example dia software given and it installed fine. Lessen the output of commands by appending each with 1nul 2nul. Could be specifically targeting multiple different sites or just testing out some new methods of ddos. The level below another will overwrite the previous definition. A lot of it is inspired by and copied from the wpkg wiki so much gratitude is owed. By joining the beta, you will get access to experimental features, at the risk of encountering bugs and issues.

Our extensive product portfolio and services and support capabilities are designed to improve your processes through every stage of your manufacturing cycle from design and installation through operation and maintenance. The tool used to create, check, install, configure, and remove packages. Library written on php7 for generating xml files with configuration for wpkg installer. A 1 gb usb stick can sometimes hold an entire companys vital data. Ive just set up all our software through wpkg gp and havent had any permission issues. Changing adding environment variables wpkg open source. Symptoms are that wpkg say check failed after upgrade but software are correctly installed because the installation continue in background, and normally works.

If a batch file gives a degree of output to the screen it can overwhelm wpkg and the batch script hang. Hi, im very new to using wpkg and wpkg gp, but ive run into a problem that i cant seem to figure out. Variable get from operating system comments comspec library and wpkg windows the comspec variable is used under mswindows when a batch script needs to be run. How to install additional software on your home router ddwrt. Licensed to neillsville, wisconsin, united states, the station is currently owned by central wisconsin broadcasting, inc. It works within well with active directory or stand alone. Variable setting through hostsprofilespackages wpkg open. Wpkg is a fantastic tool to manage software installs on groups of windows machines without a windows server with active directory. Windows environment variables wpkg open source software. Set command invoked with just a variable name, no equal sign or value will display the value of all variables whose prefix matches the name given to the set command. Namely, im seeing different behaviour when i run wpkg via a batch file on the machine vs when it runs at boot via wpkg gp.

When you need to push out nonmsi then you generally need to script a solution or use another product like pdq deploy, appdeploy, sccm, wpkg, or a host of other solutions. For example, when i start the task sequence, i get prompted for username and department. If you are using the wpkg client or wpkggp then everything should install with the system account so permissions should be an issue. Kace k management appliance software deployment kace product support software oracle java im looking to install the lastest version of java based on which architecture the machine has x64x86. Interesting registry settings about microsoft security. The following table describes the fields and variables currently understood by wpkg. Windows 7 comes with the command setx which can change environment variables in several ways. If we have a profile which needs a different value, we set. The users home directory is specified in local users and groups. This variable is set based on the value of the home directory. The following criteria must be fulfilled before the recipe is included here. You should also share this folder, as you will need to access it over the network. When this variable is present, no builtin force defaults will be applied.

The wpkg tool, as well as the libdebpackages library make use of different environment variables. This assumes youre using either the 64bit version of wpkggp on a 64bit windows, or the 32bit version of wpkggp on a 32bit version of windows, and not a 32bit version of wpkggp on a 64bit version of windows. It also includes those reserved for later versions of wpkg. Batch file scripting tips wpkg open source software. This is the script i use for deploying java runtime. It acts as a replacement for the ipkg package manager, and can be used to install software such as. Chocolatey wpkg open source software deployment and. However, there is a brief overview of what is supported in. You will find the complete control file grammar as supported by wpkg at the bottom of this page.

Theres 1 task sequence for all of my machines, no need to gently caress around with base images and sysprep. This gives you the ability to very easily manage an environment of any size having many otherwise separate projects. Please disable adblocking software or set an exception for msfn. From wpkg open source software deployment and distribution jump to. Environment variables used by wpkg microsoft windows.

Once advanced system settings is open, click on the advanced tab then look on the bottom right side for the environment variables button you will find on the lower righthand side. Variables wpkg open source software deployment and. The wpkg tool, as well as the libdebpackages library make use of different environment. By default, the wpkg service runs at startup and does its installs in the background. Jan 04, 2012 wpkg is an opensource software deployment application for windows. There are 2 options 1 check for the exact filename like the fsecure example 2 check if its in the list of installed software. The installation process allows you to put everything under a set of directories and all you have to do is defined the root path in a variable. I am trying to reformat an output of an application wpkg, command wpkg. The variable must be set to a valid value or the execution of any. In other words, it is a list of all packages and scripts that can be.

I have found this article so far, and have not tested it. Here are collected various batch file scripting tips for use when writing. Although it is called windows packager it works under unices as well, although it is very likely that you already have a packager on your system and therefore it probably wont be useful if you use unix i. A dialog will pop up allowing you to enter a new variable name, and to set. The variable must be set to a valid value or the execution of any external batch script will fail. Wpkg and wpkgexpress suse linux install guide pictures aplenty. Opkg is a package manager like aptaptitude and yum. It can be the revision that the wpkg package is for, or the software applications version though note such a strategy wont leave you room to change your wpkg package, for example when making an improvement or fixing a bug in the xml, other than when the software application is also upgraded. As for a guide to installingsetting up wpkgexpress, i dont think i ever found a clear installation guide.

If a package is set to disabled on the gui, it simply doesnt include it in the packages. If you set the %software% environment variable globally then any. As such, the program aims to make the administration of networked computers easier for the administrator, allowing security patches, new programs and updates to be installed on the. If you need active directory support for generation hosts. Jun 26, 2010 msfn is made available via donations, subscriptions and advertising revenue.

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