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On iracing, the pro mazda, skip barber and spec racer ford are open diff cars. In addition to that, the sccas pairup with iracing is about reaching out to people who love cars, and love to race, regardless of the setting. Five years later, with the original renault engines and transmissions growing scarce, scca began a program to gradually shift the fleet to a 1. Saturday beginners proam featuring a different car each week.

In partnership with skip barber racing school, a 12week program kicks off march 12. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. What youre experiencing isnt necessarily due to setup, its just the way this car drives. The baseline setup is actually quite good in the srf. Spec racer ford challenger presented by the skip barber racing school. Mustang fr500s, scca spec racer ford, mazda mx5 cup. Jul 17, 2016 since 2016 season 2, iracing supports video capture. Update after the update to add cadillac ctsv, pontiac solstice, ruf rt 12r c spec, scca spec racer ford srf, skip barber formula 2000.

Srf weekend warriors iracing league page filed under. Thursday club canada gt series featuring the bmw m8 gte, ferrari 488 gte, ford gt 2017 and the porsche 911 rsr. Any year 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 20 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029. I ran the whole series last session and finished 7th in my division and had a ball the whole time. C spec ruf rt 12r rwd ruf rt 12r track scca spec racer ford skip barber formula 2000 subaru. We are putting together a set of pages with general information about racing spec racer fords. Jun 05, 20 easy to make setup adjustment to your liking and a very competitive baseline setup that can get results make this fun tight and competitive racing. With datapacks, you can easily compare your own racing and consequently improve. Scca spec racer ford old school racing motorsports. Mixed class racing, open setup racing, team racing, league racing, private racing. I dont understand where these people are making up so much time.

Internet racing is a fun, easy, and inexpensive way for race fans, simracers and gamers alike to enjoy the thrill of the racetrack from the comfort of their home. Spec racer ford challenge the specracer ford is as economical a race car as youll find, but its five speed transmission, 5 mph top speed and classic sports racer body make it a true race car. This guide defines each listing in the garage section for each car available in the motorsport simulation. The information here started out as notes weve made over the years while looking for and working on a number of cars. The open diff presents challenges in low traction conditions. In addition, the balance changes suddenly through the corner, which is not desirable for a race car, as you are giving up traction. Stepbystep racecar setup guide paradigm shift driver. Note, the skip info has been added with the previous skip info much further down the page. An membership provides entry into the newest form of competitive motorsport. This car is a blast and the competition is top notch. I remember tooling around with it on nordschleife and having fun, but im really struggling comparatively.

The setups are createduploaded by justracin members. Hi all im relatively new to iracing and currently hold a c licence for both oval 3. Jun 19, 2009 me doing one lap around laguna seca in the spec ford iracing 1. Setups iracing simulation automobile courtcircuit team. Our mission is to support spec racer ford srf racing cars. This is my first season here so my setup may change with time but this is a good base. If you get off the gas too abruptly, the back end is going around. Summit point hot laps scca spec racer ford iracing. But the concept, originally borrowed from onedesign sailboat racing, is rapidly gaining currency in motorsport with classes ranging from spec. Setup viewer you may remember a while back 2010, to be exact, an iracing member by the name of john bell created a program that allowed you to view and compare exported setups from iracing. Iracing cars included jr motorsports street stock, legends ford 34 coupe, cadillac ctsv, mazda mx5 roadster, mazda mx5 cup, pontiac solstice club sport, scca spec racer iracing tracks included charlotte motor speedway, mazda raceway laguna seca, lanier national speedway, lime rock park, okayama international circuit, oxford plains. Spec racer ford is a class of racing car used in sports car club of america scca and other series road racing events.

Me doing one lap around laguna seca in the spec ford iracing 1. Jan 05, 2011 post your ssca spec racer ford setups here. Once you have selected all the fields then the results will be displayed. The scca goes virtual with a new iracing series hagerty media. Dont brake abruptly or come off the pedal quickly, most corners will require way less than 75% brake pressure, probably closer to 50% as you need to carry speedmomentum as its a low powered car. Software personal use iracing full content pack vesaro.

Jan 04, 2017 2016 scca runoffs srf3 spec racer ford mid ohio national championship race duration. Charlotte bu william nowell if you are sleeping on the spec ford, wake up. They are raced primarily in events sanctioned by the sports car club of america scca. The custom car painting platform for the iracing community. Ruf rt 12r track hrhr scca spec racer ford hrhr skip barber formula 2000. Scca pro racing introduced the pro series soon after ford wanted to support the spec racer. The spec racer ford, manufactured and marketed by scca enterprises a subsidiary of scca, inc. A baseline setup will usually give the car a strong tendency to understeer at the limit, which is good for beginners, and we recommend to just drive the car as is until you can fairly consistently drive the car at the limit.

Oct, 2008 youtube iracing skip barber 2000 vir full hotlap 2. Iracing cars included williamstoyota fw31, kia optimam cadillac ctsv racecar, chevrolet corvette c6. Press ctrlaltshiftv inside iracing to toggle video capture on or off. To use the system, simply choose a car type, track, track configuration, and setup type. Your onestopshop for all iracing setup help and knowledge. The videos will be saved in documents\iracing\videos. Car, scca spec racer ford, track, mazda raceway laguna seca full course. Request tips for ford spec racer scca i have been practicing recently with the ford spec racer and am always at least 3 seconds off the pace. Riley prototype, scca spec racer ford, silver crown, skip barber formula. This forum will be used for the smac to communicate with the sm community.

The midengined srf is satisfying and challenging to race, especially on a schedule that features demanding road circuits like charlotte, lime rock, mazda raceway laguna seca, okayama and summit point. Srf weekend warriors runs a weekly series with the scca spec racer ford. Motorsport simulation race car setup wiki vehicles scca spec racer ford. We are the worlds premier motorsports racing simulationgame. Road racing cars aston martin dbr9 gt1 audi 90 gto audi r18 audi r8 lms audi rs 3 lms bmw m8 gte bmw z4 gt3 cadillac ctsv racecar chevrolet corvette c6r gt1 chevrolet corvette c7 daytona prototype dallara dw12 dallara f3 dallara ir18 ferrari 488 gt3 ferrari 488 gte ford fiesta rs wrc ford gt ford gt 2017 ford gt gt3 ford mustang fr500s formula renault 2. The midengined srf is satisfying and challenging to race, especially on a schedule that features demanding road circuits like charlotte, lime rock. Archived request tips for ford spec racer scca i have been.

The mainstay of scca enterprises, the srf is currently in the midst of a three year engine upgrade. Srfs are engineered and produced by scca enterprises. If you hit some of the limitations of the iracing video capture, you may want to look at 3rd party software like fraps, dxtory and open broadcaster software. If youre a road racer from canada, this league is enough to keep you busy, offering racing at least four nights a week in many. The majority pf the activity here takes place in the spec racer ford community forums. I tried this car once when i first got iracing and it was at summit point. Ill just say that the track looks very good going backwards. Each vrs datapack consists of data from all relevant iracing circuits with a setup, telemetry and a replay file from pro drivers in the current season season 3, 2017. Spec racer ford gen3 the spec racer ford gen3 was introduced in 2015 powered by a 1. Srf weekend warriors old school racing motorsports. David tenney won the first ever spec racer ford pro series race on july 2, 1994 at the des moines street circuit. Explains how to select adjustments that may address the cars deficiencies in the beginning, middle and end of a corner. Scca spec racer ford schemes showroom trading paints.

The spec racer ford was introduced in 1994 after renault pulled out of the spec racer project. The notion of competing in a class of identical race cars so that driving skill is paramount and the size of ones checkbook doesnt matter is second nature to iracers its a central theme of the community. I work 50 hours a week and dont have enough time to race, let alone practi. Here you will find setups for tracks and cars featured on iracing. Chris 2001 gt3 cup pepin 1999 spec miata 1996 993 rs replica 2010 harley 48 20 honda 250 crf. Setup is not paramount its about controlling the weight transfer of the car.

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